The American Society of Addiction Medicine is proud to present

The ASAM Criteria

Treatment Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related, and Co-Occurring Conditions

Below are some examples of the use of helpful icons throughout The ASAM Criteria to facilitate understanding.

Sneak peek: The use of icons throughout The ASAM Criteria

Adolescent Content Icon

In the new edition of The ASAM Criteria, adult and adolescent treatment information has been combined in order to show overarching alignment with the guiding principles and applications of The ASAM Criteria. At the same time, The ASAM Criteria continues to distinguish differences between adult and adolescent populations, and presents separate Diagnostic and Dimensional Admission Criteria within each Level of Care.

In addition to identifying unique criteria sets, the adolescent icon is used throughout the book to show key information and considerations relevant to those working with adolescent populations.

Service Characteristics Category Icons

Chapters exploring service planning and placement use a series of service characteristics icons, such as Settings, Support Systems and Staff, to facilitate the delivery of examples and information.